Sram is one of the very few companies that operates in the capacity of mine owners, processors, suppliers and exporters. Indian as well as International Ceramic and Glass manufacturers consistently source their raw materials from the company.

Sram is one of the largest producers of raw material sourcing it mainly from its own mines located in Bhilwara and Beawar Districts of Rajasthan. Company is currently operating from 20 pits wherein Potassium feldspar, Sodium feldspar and Quartz is obtained , processed and supplied.

SRAM owns quarries in Beawar and Bhilwara districts of Rajasthan.


SRAM uses a total of:

  • 5 grinding, drying and classification units
  • 5 crushing plants
  • 2 magnetic separation plants
  • 1 homogenization plant

Flotation Plant

In the sodium feldspar flotation plant, the additives causing impurities are removed through the chemical processes. With such an investment, SRAM took one step forward to the goal of supplying its customers with the products producing the best results in whiteness after being fired glaze.

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